We Film

Born from a lifelong passion for travel coupled with over a decade of filming television commercials, corporate videos and independent movies, Empyreal Films provides premium video services for hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals worldwide.  We focus on short-form, social and highly shareable videos for your website and any social platform. With a streamlined process and a stealth-like crew, we are dynamic, efficient and affordable. 

We Fly

As F.A.A. certified drone pilots we take pride in providing exceptional aerial videography and photography services while maintaining the highest safety standards. With a  fleet of industry-leading drones, we can fly anywhere in the world.  Whether you're located in the city, on the beach, in the desert, or deep in the jungle, we have you covered from high above. 


We Deliver

With transparent pricing and clear package offerings, we deliver on our promise of providing a premium service without the sticker shock. Long gone are the days of inflated production budgets and oversized production crews.  We guaranteed a 72 hour turn-around time from when we film until when we deliver your video.  You don't have to sacrifice quality and efficiency for a budget. 

Transparent Video  Pricing


Whether you're located in the heart of the city, on the beach, in the desert of deep in the jungle, we've got you covered from above.  Show off your location and surrounding area with A 30-second video highlighting your property's exterior features with cinematic aerial footage. Shot in 4K Ultra High Definition. 


Want to highlight everything your property has to offer?  If so, our most popular package is perfect for you.  Showcase all of your exterior and interior features including public spaces, rooms, and amenities in addition to cinematic aerial footage​ to tell a more complete story. This 60-second video is also shot in 4K Ultra High Definition. 



Looking for something a little extra? Wanting to give your guests a sense of what it ​really is like to stay at your property?  If so, then our Premium package is designed for you. Add the human element to your video with one of our in-house models for enhanced lifestyle storytelling.  This upgraded 90-second video is also shot in 4k Ultra High Definition. 

Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality is a New DImension in Travel Marketing. As a truly active medium, virtual reality is instantly engaging, giving users control over their own marketing experience and resonates will all demographics across generations. Within the hospitality industry, VR allows potential guests to get an emotional feel for what their experience will be like. As a Google Street View Trusted Photographer,  we also specialize in creating professional, compelling, and truly interactive Virtual Tours for our clients.  Once the tour is created, we upload directly to your destination listing on Google. 


VR Pricing

$200 = 1-3 Areas/ Rooms

$350 = 4-7 Areas/ Rooms

$500 = 8+ Areas/Rooms

An area/room is categorized as the following.

For hotels & Resorts: Lobby, guest room, restaurant, Pool Area

For vacation rentals: Living room, kitchen, bedroom, backyard

About Us

I was born with the travel bug in my veins. This has fueled my desire to turn my passion for travel into a viable business. After a decade producing commercials, corporate videos and feature films, I decided to turn my attention and focus to my first true passion for traveling and bringing some incredible destinations to life. In doing so, I also saw an opportunity.  Many hotels and vacation rentals lack the video content necessary to compete in today's competitive market where gusts have short attention spans and infinite options when it comes to booking. This is where Empyreal Films was born.  Making premium quality, short, social video content more available to more hoteliers and vacation rental owners worldwide. Utilizing the latest in video and drone technology we are able to capture the simple, true essence of a space and deliver a video within 72 hours. GUARANTEED! The truth is, to capture one's attention in video, doesn't require massive camera rigs and large crews. All you need is a creative and efficient licensed professional.  We thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you soon.

Meet the team


I'm Taj and I am the founder and creative force behind Empyreal Films. I film, I fly and ensure all videos meet our high-quality standards. I love watching movies, traveling and updating my blog @witwitofficial

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Taj Nahar

Keith has been working in Corporate sales for over 10 years. He majored in economics with a concentration in finance.  His focus is to help Empyfreal films expand its reach both domestically and internationally.

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Keith Carter

Hayley has been with Empyreal Films since the beginning. She has an extensive background in management, operations, and communications. Her focus is to ensure projects are delivered on time while the compnay continues to run at maximum efficiency. 

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Hayley Wester

Justine is a well known and highly sought after multimedia designer and photographer. In addition to creating the brand and image for Empyreal films, she assists our clients with their media needs including still phtography, design and wer development. 

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Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 11.12.26 AM.pn

Justine is a well known and highly sought after multimedia designer and photographer. In addition to creating the brand and image for Empyreal films, she assists our clients with their media needs including still phtography, design and wer development. 

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Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 11.34.46 AM.jp

Nolan is Futurist whos interests include neural cybernetics and artificial intelligence.  At Empyreal Films, Nolan brings creative ideas to our projects in terms of integrating new technologies to our systems, processes and narratives. 

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Nolan Jarret

What's in the name...

In ancient cosmologies, the Empyrean Heaven, or simply the Empyrean, was the place in the highest heaven, which was supposed to be occupied by the element of fire. The word derives from the Medieval Latin empyreus, an adaptation of the Ancient Greek empyros, meaning "in or on the fire"; relating to heaven or the sky.


Let's work!

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